Covenant Baseball - 2023 GAME Pants - All Teams

Covenant Baseball - 2023 GAME Pants - All Teams

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Please note - these are listed with no cost until we determine all the sizes and colors needed.  You do not need to purchase your first pair here, they will be billed to you.  Any extras will be listed here within the next couple weeks if you are interested in multiple pairs.

Varsity Team - You will need both white and grey pants.  These are different from previous seasons so each player will be issued UA pants in both colors.  If you already have these pants - you may opt out by emailing:  Watch for size collection happening pre-season via email.  Use this site to order extras only.

Middle School/JV - White pants only.  You will be billed for one pair - please watch for size collection to happen during the pre-season.  Use this site to purchase EXTRA pants only.  

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