Covenant Lacrosse Teams

Covenant Lacrosse Team stores are now open for orders - Custom Bulk items are open until March 10th (look for notes on the item to see if it has a deadline to order or is available all season)

Boathouse jackets were ordered in early fall and have arrived - no additional orders can be placed at this time. There are a couple of sizes you can purchase and have your name added.  Contact the Perch for details. 

Pinnies are mandatory for both boys and girls teams

Boys Varsity team - Grey warm up shirts will be issued rosters are determined.  There is no charge for the grey shirt and is yours to keep!

Helmets are available to order at anytime.  Helmet decal sets are designed based on the specific model number of your helmet.  Decal sets will be issued at the start of the season and subject to availability after the season starts.  It is recommeneded you have the helmet you plan to use for the season early to get a custom set of decals to match your model number.  Changes to helmets may not be able to be accommodated with a custom decal set.  Let your coach know your helmet model or order one asap!

--All other gear is optional for varsity boys.  Middle school boys and girls it is strongly recommended you purchase a navy warm up shirt to have for games.  

Girls Varsity Team - New Pinnies for varsity girls have been ordered.  They are available to pick up at anytime in the Perch and will be billed to your FACTS account.

All other items are optional - hoodies, crewneck fleece sweatshirts and therma performance crewneck sweatshirts are all availalbe to order.  

Logos are different for boys and girls - make sure you watch carefully to choose the correct logo.  Crossed sticks are the boys logo - Eagle head is the girls logo. 

Note - we are phasing out the multiple logos separate for boys and girls - new orders will be for the text logo only.