Covenant Volleyball 2023 Team Store

Group Orders Close: Monday 8/28/23 at 8am

NEW this Fall - several items will continue to be open for orders all season! All items that begin with "Fall Team Sports" are available for custom orders after the deadline.  

You can also continue to purchase any in-stock items we have but when those items say sold-out, they are sold out and will not be re-ordered until next season!  

All orders will be delivered to the Perch and students will be notified when items arrive.  If you ordered something that we have in stock from previous years, you or your student may pick that up anytime.  

Varsity Players :  Each Varsity player will be issued a set of 5 warm up shirts and do not need to purchase those here.  These are included in the varsity program thanks to a generous donor.

Required for JV/MS Players:   Any logo item to wear as warm up - can be SS or LS t-shirt, hoodie or pullover