Covenant Basketball - 2023/24

New this year - orders for most items can be taken throughout the season. Orders are encouraged by 11/30 in order to be here by the start of the season

REQUIRED for Varsity and JV Basketball teams (Boys and Girls):                                     LS Covenant Basketball Shooter Shirt.  Varsity - Grey, JV - Navy                                                 Note that boys will be billed through Facts for their grey shirts - girls order online navy or come into the Perch.  All shooter shirts in stock and can be picked up immediately

REQUIRED for Varsity BOYS - Grey warm up jacket and pants - order done through The Perch directly with the team- not on the storefront - billed through Facts

REQUIRED for Varsity GIRLS - Navy N Crewneck and pants (same as last year so only new players and those needing a replacement - ordered through Perch - not on website

SUGGESTED for Middle School Players - Navy shooter shirt only.  All other items are optional!  JV Boys - suggested nabvy UA full zip and pants -

VARSITY PLAYERS ONLY - may add a number to their shooter shirts - must order at the time you order the item here.